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Twelfth Night Maria Adriana Baer – Staged Reading, NY
Richard III Lady Anne Adriana Baer – Staged Reading, NY
Is He Dead Madame Caron Theatre at Monmouth (TAM)/Will Rhys (Monmouth, ME)
Comedy Of Errors Jailor/Ensemble TAM/Curt Tofteland
Pericles  Ensemble  TAM/Jeri Pitcher 
Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Deal Kim Deal  Elastic Future/Erin Gilley (San Francisco) 
Curls  Carol  BOA Festival/Mike Ward (San Francisco) 
Skyscraper  Jane  RTE / Chris Tann (San Jose) 
Say Anything  Constance  Project Magerne (Denmark) 
The House of Yes  Lesly  ARO.Space (Seattle) 
Private Lives  Sibyl  NIU Patricia Ridge 
Rabbit Hole Nat  NIU Patricia Ridge 
The Revengers’ Comedies  Karen Knightly  NIU Eric Ziegenhagen 
Midsummer Nights Dream  Mechanicals  NIU Stanton Davis 
Hungry  Nutritionist  Contra Costa County Food Bank 
Comedy of Errors  Adriana  San Francisco Shakespeare Festival School Tour / Rebecca Ennals 


M.F.A in Acting Northern Illinois University
 Meisner Technique Kathryn Gately
 Williamson/Michael Chekhov Deborah Robertson
 Fitzmaurice Voice Stanton Davis
 Text Analysis / Verse Drama Alexander Gelman
Moscow Art Theatre  
 Vakhtongov Natalia Federovna
 Classical Ballet Larissa Dmitrieva
 Singing Marina Smirnova
 Acting Mikhail Lobanov, Alexander Rezalin
Classical Text Neil Freeman
Fitzmaurice Voice Catherine Fitzmaurice
Michael Chekhov Technique Janice Orlandi, Andrei Malev-Babel Jessica Cerullo
Williamson Technique / Edwardian Style Loyd Williamson, Janice Orlandi, Deborah Robertson
Clowning / Mask Work Lavinia Hart
Improv / Theatresports Keith Johnstone / BATS


Clowning, Fitzmaurice Voice Work, Alexander Technique, Style Work and Dance (Restoration, Victorian, Edwardian), Stage Combat: Hand to Hand, Bull Whip; Burlesque, Teacher (Acting, Voice), Valid Driver’s License. Dialects: Cockney, Standard British, Southern, German IPA