Auditioning is it’s own skill set- it’s not just your talent as an actor, but how you present yourself in the room that can make all the difference in getting that callback.  I’ve been on both sides of the table over the years, and will take the intimidation and overwhelm out of the process.  

Whether it’s grad school, BFA programs, U/RTAs, UPTAs, NETC, SETC or a specific role you are going for,  learn to:

  • Walk in to the room with confidence
  • Deal with small talk or interview questions
  • Take adjustments with grace and ease
  • Handle nerves
  • Get your pieces solid and connected- and show the best of you and your talent
  • Make sure you are PREPARED on every level, from what to wear, to creating a routine for success from the very beginning, including warm-ups, and how to best spend your time in the waiting room.

If you are at the beginning of your process, I can help you pick out pieces that make you shine and work from the ground up to craft something special, memorable and uniquely you.

One on one and small group sessions available.  $100 per hour, including studio fee.  email to book an appointment of schedule a free 15 minute consult.