Julie is completely there and present to listen to what your goals are and what exactly it is you think may be holding you back from achieving those goals. She assesses you without judgement and gives good constructive feedback that is extremely helpful, easy and attainable. She really took her time to breakdown my own thought process before, during, and after interviews. It helped me get out of my own head and be present within my own body. She is an amazing and open coach that guides you to be comfortable with yourself so that you exude that confidence when you walk into your interview, audition, or whatever you were fearing or struggling with before you walked into your session.  She is comfortable- easy to talk to immediately; you are essentially vulnerable, coming in and telling her your fears.  She is relatable and can easily connect and tell you a story/anecdote of a time when she experienced the same feelings.  She is also encouraging and inspiring- she helps you feel “normal” and like you are able to conquer your fears and gives you the tools/steps to get there.

-Ashley Kolorcik- Private Client

Julie is intuitive, generous, and driven; she gets the most out of her actors because she demands no less of them than she demands of herself. Treat yourself to a class or coaching with her…but be prepared to explore, work, grow and be reminded why you love what you do.
-Josh Chenard, Head of Acting, New Mexico State University
Julie Fogh brings wisdom, perceptiveness and an unparalleled sense of fun to her projects.  Her insights into human nature and the intricacies of text really helped me through the many project we have collaborated on.  Her exuberant joy and playfullness made working with her an absolute pleasure.
Rotimi Agbabiaka, Actor, San Francisco Mime Troupe, United, Apple, Zoosk, California Shakespeare Theatre
Julie Fogh is an angel and a natural-born coach.  I’m not an actor; I’m a writer, and I know there’s nothing worse than watching an uncomfortable writer speeding through a bad reading.  In just a few sessions, Julie gave me simple adjustments that really made a big difference!  I have the confidence to go on my book tour now.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a public speaking engagement of any variety coming up.
Suzanne Rindell, Author of The Other Typist


Your ARTISTRY elevated: what working with Ms.Fogh will produce in you!

Nicole Brewer
Adjunct Professor
Howard University
Department of Theater & Dance

Julie is brilliant – she has a graceful way of leading you to your own answer.

-Laurie Schroeder, Professional Actor

 I was very happy with the class. I want to thank Julie Fogh for a great semester and an unforgettable experience. It didn’t matter how bad your day was, how many work I had for that week, Julie always find a way to make class fun and take a smile home from every student. I learned to not be afraid in real life, to strive for success and don’t be sorry to be wrong. Life is a learning experience and I am happy to acknowledge that Julie forms part of my life learning experience. Thank You. 

-Student, Manhattanville College

All in all, it was an amazing experience. I feel that the performance grew from the first time thanks to your advice.

-Student, Manhattanville College

Professor Fogh, thank you for an amazing second semester. You are probably one of the funniest professors I’ve ever had and definitely one of the coolest. You were so easy to talk to about things and questions were never stupid in your eyes and that meant a lot. You explained things fully and if someone didn’t understand you would try to explain it differently. 

-Student, Manhattanville College

Miss Fogh is a delight to with work with. She is talented and professional at all times. She sets high standards of excellence to all of her peers, while being charming and personable. 

– Becky J. Doster S.M.

One of Julie’s strongest skills as a coach is that she gives the permission we actors don’t often give ourselves. Unproductive tension is our worst enemy in training (and work) and she both provides the outside permission to identify and release that tension, and subsequently teaches how to give that permission to ourselves.

– Aleisha Force, Actor (Chase, Dallas Theatre Center)


Julie’s portrayal of Carol -a kind, intelligent, child-less local judge pitted against a ruthless mother and daughter judging team that shed focus on the issues of the meaning of parenting, family and personal dignity- was nothing short of captivating. Naturalistic, engaging and seemingly effortless, she navigated the challenging emotional terrain of the play with grace…. The results of Julie’s process are tangible not only to the audience, but to her fellow actors, all of whom have commented on how they feel supported by her presence in the moment. 

Augmenting Julie’s commitment to her craft is her warm, gracious personality and an innate presence that is genuinely engaging and delightful to be around.

-Mike Ward, Director “Curls”