Voice Coaching- Through Vital Voice Training

We all have a stronger, more powerful, and more engaging voice inside of us. My goal is to find that voice inside you and teach you how to use your body to make it shine. During focused one on one sessions, I will work with you to make some simple physical adjustments, build new breathing habits, and learn how to ground yourself so you can start to experience the power of authentic communication.  More information specifically about Voice Coaching for professionals, including rates and services can be found at www.vitalvoicetraining.com

Learn to:

    • Create a more powerful speaking voice, onstage and off.
    • Create the kind of authentic vocal presence that makes people want listen to what you have to say.
    • Give your body the space it needs to create the fullest sound with the least effort.
    • Connect to an authentic, open breath free of bad habits, restriction, and tension.
    • Avoid tension or excess nervousness during performances or public speaking.
    • Give your body something to actively do besides wondering where your hands should be.


-Julie Fogh-