Coaching for Actors

One on one sessions
Afternoon and evening sessions available
$100 per hour.  
For more information or to schedule a session, email (subject line “Acting Coaching”)

The process of creating a character or role does not have to be done alone.  If you are approaching a role for the first time, or working to refine a character already in rehearsal, I can work with you to build on your instincts to create a full more rounded, and authentic performance.

Learn to:

  • Deepen connection to a character.
  • Learn to break down directors notes into doable changes you can bring to rehearsal.
  • Break down text, (classical or contemporary), before a first read and/or during the rehearsal process.
  • Clarify action and character development.
  • Increase confidence and minimize stage fright and/or anxiety issues.
  • Connect authentically with your audience, and piece with ease and confidence.

I will work with you to enhance the work you and your director have developed as well as provide a support system throughout your process.